Geodetski zavod Celje d.o.o. (GZC) is an international company based in Slovenia with 55 years of experience providing consulting and technical assistance services to public sector financed programs. GZC is specialist in spatial and rural development programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and in the provision of technical assistance for capacity building of national and local institutions promoting spatial, agricultural and rural development. The Company has managed numerous projects and programs in Slovenia and the Western Balkans. The company is one of the leading providers of technical assistance to many Ministries in Slovenia and within potential candidates and candidate countries in the Balkans.

  • Geodetic services all over Slovenia and other Western Balkan countries
  • Agriculture information systems, IT projects, consultancy in GIS
  • Advicing, training and consultancy
  • Providing internal procedures and methodologies
  • Common affair process ľ document management, archiving, planning, human resource management
  • Management and execution of IACS controls
  • Statistical services, agri-environmental data colllection, bulidings, housing and population census
  • Real estate business and consultancy, economic development
  • Urban and spatial development, digital data bases, cartography
  • Cadastral surveys and land consolidations, real estate evidences
  • Public infrastructure management support, civil engineering surveys
  • Laser scanning, topography
  • Planning and managing international projects,accessing EU funds
  • Research and development
  •   Dealer for precise Hemisphere © L1/L2 GPS and other GNSS products

Visit us :

• in company headquarters in Celje:

• on business unit address:

Ulica XIV. divizije 10
3000 Celje

Tel : +386 (0)3 4256700
Fax : +386 (0)3 4256727

Besides local geodetic service, for local communities company is performing services on the field of urban and communal economics:

  • Real estate registers, real estate management and taxation
  • Public infrastructure assets, evidences and amortization calculation
  • Local community spatial plans, urban and spatial development
  • Simulations of various scenarios, economic development
  • Advisory services at preparation legislation bases
  • Preparation of conceptual and implementation design documentation
  • Providing assistance to local community in assessing EU funds

  • Studies of developement strategies of bussines/industrial zones
  • Adoption of local community acts, consultancy services
  • Land consolidations of agriculture and built land
  • Support on marketing of space
  • Cartography

  tax code:                  SI 92913431

            tel:          +386 (0)3 4256700

  registration number: 5066352000

            fax:        +386 (0)3 4256727

  bank account:          SI56 040010048313167 (Nova KBM d.d.)


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